Henderson – Teddy Bears of Witney Exclusive – Steiff – Limited edition – EAN 653780

Who can resist this friendly chap?

Henderson was made by Steiff exclusively for Teddy Bears of Witney, UK, in 1997. Limited edition of 2,000 pieces. This is # 1586. Handmade in Germany. White tag, text in red and button in ear trademark. EAN 653780.

This is a magnificent bear named after 'Colonel Bob' Henderson* with the blessing of his family. He wears a Henderson tartan bow tie. Made of long and silky old gold mohair, he has long arms, well-shaped ankles and feet and a pronounced back hump. Henderson has a center seam on his face (a desirable feature in early bears), and black button eyes behind his long shaved muzzle. Growler. Fully jointed.

Henderson measures 55 cm / 22 inches and comes with certificate. He has had one grown up owner and has been living with other bears in a wardrobe. He is now looking for a new loving home. 

This is a collector's item.

* Colonel T.R. Henderson served in the 2nd World War, and dedicated his life to collecting teddy bears. In 1962 Bob Henderson founded the Teddy Bear Club and later ran the UK branch of the charitable organisation "Good Bears of the World", who send out Teddy bears to children in need all over the world.

Adoption price: € 625.00. ADOPTED


Henderson. Made by Steiff exclusively for Teddy Bears of Witney. Year 1997. Limited edition of 2,000 pieces. EAN 653780.

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